Register now: IHG ‘Accelerate’ style promotion, Q2 2019 for stays from May.

IHG's latest Accelerate style promotion is now available for registration. You can sign up through this link.

Rather annoyingly they have called the promotion “Make Every Stay Count” which is different to last quarter's promotion's name, even though it follows nearly the exact same format as ‘Accelerate' for the last few years and refers to prior names on the sign-up page.

This promotion runs between 1st May – 31st August 2019, and you MUST register for the promotion before you check-in because you cannot retrospectively claim bonus points.

My offers were:

10,000 – Stay 5 nights 

16,800 – Stay at 4 brands

4,500 – Book 1 stay(s) using Points & Cash

6,600 – Book 2 Bonus Points Package stays

6,800 – Stay 4 time(s) using your corporate rate
44,700 – Complete all the above

Total 89400 points.

Exactly half the points are awarded for individually triggering the 5 stipulations and the other half for successfully completing all of them. The offer is pretty decent if I need to make the stays anyway AND will trigger all of the items, but probably a bit dear for mattress running given the time and expense of doing so. Without any stays planned I don't see any point going beyond a 1-night stay booked using Points and Cash, which at its cheapest would still require a 5000 points + $105USD outlay.

Don't forget that for $35 you can buy 5000 points at any time, as detailed in my Beginners' guide to IHG Rewards Club. So valuing each point at 0.7c I make this a $625.80 ‘rebate', which as described above is great if you need to make the stays anyway, but a bit low given the large number of nights required.

This is all before considering the recent round of devaluations which in effect elevated a large proportion of IHG properties by a category, or 5000 points per night minimum.

The link to register for the promotion here once again.


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  1. Your post here says you can buy 10,000 points for $35, but as I understand it and as your linked post seems to say, the points and cash process is 5000 points for $35.

  2. Hello,
    When I try to register it says promo code invalid, which is weird because this is a new link.
    I will try later.

    • Some others have reported difficulty too, but I managed to register first time without problems. Just give it a day or two if you do not have any upcoming stays planned.

  3. Hi,
    I live in France .. and my offer was very different.

    15,600 – Stay at 5 brands
    7,200 – Stay 3 weekend(s), including a Saturday night and another night
    5,200 – Stay 5 time(s) using your corporate rate
    Total – 28,000

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