Russia to Far East Asia in Business Class with Lufthansa starting from €1,195/£1,018

Noteworthy Business Class fares for the Russian public to go to Far East Asia with Lufthansa.


Starting airport: Moscow, Saint Petersburg

Connecting airports: Frankfurt

Destination airport:

  • Bangkok €1,195
  • Beijing €1,195
  • Bombay €1,221
  • Hong Kong €1,387
  • New Delhi €1,195
  • Seoul €1,608
  • Shanghai €1,195
  • Singapore €1,517
  • Tokyo €1,807



81,595 Russian Ruble equals 1,194.78 Euro

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Dates you can travel

These fares start appearing in February and all the way to October 2020.

Starting your trip on a weekday is necessary. Minimum stay of a saturday night as well as a maximum of 90 days.

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