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Secret Promotion: 10x Air Berlin TopBonus miles with Agoda

I got a message from an insider at Agoda about an unpublished offer, and it's a pretty good one.

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For the forseeable future you can get 10x the normal TopBonus miles when booking through Agoda's PointsMAX. To take advantage you will need to create a PointsMAX account here and then book your stay through Agoda's Topbonus landing page here.

Since many of the biggest chain hotels only give you elite status benefits when booking through them directly, the PointsMAX programme is well suited for travellers who are not attached to any particular chain, or are happy to book independent hotels around the place.

It seems clear that this promotion is intentional (hence not an error rate) as the listings have been updated with the very generous TopBonus miles rebate with “Promo Eligible” in big yellow writing. I would have no hesitation that this will be honour.

There is no restriction on where you hotel stay will be. There is no published end date with this promotion either, so if you are concerned about whether this deal will be honoured, I highly suggest you do a screenshot of your search listing and booking. Though I have never had any disputes with Agoda, I'm sure it is in their interest to keep you happy and coming back to book more stays!

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91000 TopBonus miles with the Hilton booking!

Don't forget that TopBonus occupies a special place in the frequent flyer hobby. It is part of the Oneworld alliance as well as the Etihad Partner Alliance. You can therefore use your miles on 24 different airlines. For instance 70000 miles will buy you a one-way business class ticket between Europe to Central/South Asia (roughly speaking the UAE to Nepal and all the countries in between).

Their partner award chart is here, but also realise that starting 1st September 2017 they are increasing the amount of miles required on some routes, so maybe this promotion coincides with that?


  1. Is the miles shown before or after the bonus? Changing the frequent flier program doesn’t seem to change the miles much and all show the yellow banner.

  2. The amount of miles you’re getting depend on room category choosen.
    So your Hilton Sydney example dates require the Master King-Suite for USD 2,158 / night totalling roughly USD 15’000 per week and 89’100 topbonus miles.
    Even taken into account you’re getting one-way business from Europe to the Far East on EY for 80’000 miles it is not really a steal, isn’t it??

    1. It’s even worse, $16’463 for 7 nights.

      Original price (1 room x 7 nights)
      USD 15,760.14
      Coupon redeemed
      -USD 657.51
      Price (1 room x 7 nights)
      USD 15,102.63

      Taxes and fees
      USD 1,360.59

      USD 16,463.22

      Well done! You’re earning 89,100 topbonus miles.

      the ratio under this offer is $ 185/1000, wouldn’t call it an amazing deal πŸ™

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