a seat in a plane

Taiwan to Switzerland in Business Class with Etihad starting from €1,784/$1927USD

a seat in a plane

Is not unusual to find good Business Class deals from Europe to Asia but they scarcely appear in the other direction. This time we found some good fares to go from Taiwan to either Geneva or Zürich with Etihad.

Some of the flights are partially operated by either EVA Air, Cathay Pacific or China Airlines.

So far this is what we could find:

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Where can I go?

Starting airport: Taipei

Connection Airport: Abu Dhabi + 1

Destination airport:

  • Geneva
  • Zürich

Price: €1,784

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Book here with Etihad

Dates you can travel

These fares start appearing in March and all the way till November 2020.

There is a minimum stay of 3 days and a maximum stay of 2 months. 5 days advance purchase also required.

Book here with Etihad


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