British Airways G-CIVB Boeing 747 with Negus Retro Livery

The Final BA ‘Retrojet’ livery arrives – Negus!

Yesterday the last of the 4 aircrafts, and the third Boeing 747, to celebrate BA's centenary year arrived in Heathrow.

Fresh with a new paint job in Dublin, G-CIVB touched town before noon in front of eager media and BA staff. Kevin over at Economy Class and Beyond covered the event on my behalf as I could not make the event in person. Please do visit his post for more original photos as I can only use the ones issued by BA's press officer.

a plane taking off from a runway

C-CIVB had a few hours on the ground to prepare for her first flight to Cape Town, South Africa later in the evening yesterday. But in between there was enough time to have some retro uniforms on display.

a group of people standing in front of a plane

As part of the latest upgrades this aircraft will have WiFi and power in every seat. Unfortunately it won't have the ‘Club Suite‘ seats which are due in the A350s from July onwards, but British Airways is one of very few airlines anywhere which still operate Boeing 747s on long haul routes, let alone fully refurbished up to modern product specifications.

As this now completes the line-up of the ‘Retro Jets' you can follow them all on Flight Radar 24. You can click on the pictures or the links to be taken directly to their tracking pages.

BOAC Livery, which is my favourite re-incarnation of these retro jets.

a large airplane on a runway


BEA livery

a white airplane taking off


Landor livery

a large airplane on a runway


Negus Livery

a plane taking off from a runway

And you can follow them on Twitter. And mine too while you're at it!

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