The single best value intra-Europe Avios Reward Flight Saver redemption?

The Reward Flight Saver is one of the best things the British Airways have done for themselves in recent times. Executive Club members who have credited at least 1 point into their account within the last year can redeem their points on flights starting at 4500 miles plus £17.50 one way. Though we've seen a few price hikes on the cash component over the last few years, it remains one of the most powerful ways to fly short haul around Europe on the cheap, and most importantly, at short notice.


Just last Friday, flying from Aberdeen to London, my flight was scheduled for 8.30pm, but I arrived at the airport a little earlier than I expected and I was able to check in with enough time to catch the 6.30pm flight. The cost to change my flight? Around €300. To book a brand new ticket 4500 Avios plus £17.50 it was a no brainer for me, especially since it gave me my free return flight back to Netherlands.

I had pondered whether it was worth using the Avios points to fly in Club Europe a while ago, I still believe it's best to spend them on economy class flights.

But there is one particular exception which trumps the norm.

London to Moscow, First Class on a Boeing 747-400.

For the tidy sum of 30 000 Avios plus £27.50 in each direction, you can easily save yourself over £1000 by on this near-4 hour flight. You will enjoy full First Class service, and being a daytime flight that leaves at around 9am, you can enjoy an awesome meal on board.

Judging by the aircrafts that have been operating this route, it looks to be on BA's New First product. You can read a remarkably well-documented trip report written by Olybeast 

Be warned that a visa to go to Russia does erode the savings a little in both cash and time. However, even with that you're still looking at massive savings on the cash price.

Admittedly, this is not the only route where you can fly a first class cabin on Reward Flight Saver. There are some 5th Freedom routes that British Airways flies in between the Carribbean islands where the flights are much shorter and therefore cost fewer Avios points. But since each of these flights are under 2 hours long, I question whether it's worth redeeming in First or even Club World on those flights.

What do you think? Do you think you can beat this for value? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. You are correct about the DME route being great value. If you wish to stay in Moscow then the visa requirement is a pain and quite a lot more money for UK citizens compared to NL citizens. However if you wish to have a day trip so just an out and back in the same plane you can do this without a visa as you are in transit. You have to know the rules and be prepared to tell the G4S security staff at LHR as it can confuse them.

    • I’m not fully clued up on visa rules, but would you really be in transit if you have reached your destination (albeit briefly) and are turning back around? I’d have thought transit involved a 3rd city/country.

  2. Unless you are VERY short of Avios, I think it would be short sighted not to at least book Club World for a quick Caribbean hop! 9k for Eco vs 18k return for a flat bed, even for 2 hours …..

  3. Actually, if you book the daily long haul rotation, you can also book London to Madrid on Iberia with a flat bed. I did it last year.

    You can’t do RFS but if you book via Iberia Avios the taxes are not much higher anyway.

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