Video of two idiots racing across Heathrow Airport by public transport. Lights out away we go!

A few days ago I wrote an extensive review about Holiday Inn London – Heathrow Ariel. I was spending the night there to meet my good friend Kevin the next day for an impromptu trip to Madrid. Part of our plan was to have a race using the Heathrow Free Travel Zone which Kevin wrote about here.

As I have a family home in London the only three ways I had ever travelled to and from Heathrow was by car, by Heathrow Express/Connect or by Piccadilly Line on the tube. But being an investigative type I had to find out how the Free Travel Zone worked for myself…though I had no idea which would be the best option. But we were determined not to use the Heathrow Hoppa which takes the long way round like this:


After a bit of editing here's our little feature about it. And since it's my first ever foray in film making, there's a lot to improve…but we all start somewhere I guess!

Without giving away too much of the video…I was actually surprised by how close our chosen methods were. And given that the Heathrow Hoppa bus for the Holiday Inn I was staying at takes a rather circuitous route and charges £5 for that pleasure, I would class this as a genuine travel tip for those visiting London.

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