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My specialism in the air miles hobby is Avios, the common currency between British Airways, Iberia and, confusingly, the programme called Avios.

Over the past 2.5 years since starting this blog, I've written a fair few items on Avios and how to particular strategies to maximise your balance. I have selected the list below to reflect the most frequently referenced posts (based on search engine hits) which might help you out:


General money saving and travel booking tips

How to use Google Flights – some strategies to help you

Keep your EC261 rights at hand


Avios specific

How to find mega BA Tier Point runs to reach Gold Status

Beginners' guide to the Amsterdam to Jersey British Airways Tier Point run

Quick tip: How to call British Airways UK from a UK number

Making the most of Maximum Permissible Mileage ticketing surcharges (this is more of a general topic, but it is so fundamental to mileage running and Avios that it deserves a place here)


For fun

Hack your British Airways short haul seats

Avios flies woman on bucket list trip to Grenada…but not Granada!

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