250% bonus Asia Miles for 2nd and subsequent London – Hong Kong trips in Cathay Pacific

If you're lucky enough to be able to fly revenue fares (as opposed to award tickets) between London and Hong Kong, consider this promotion by Cathay Pacific carefully if you're not in need of elite qualifying miles or tier points on other airline programmes.

Cathay Pacific are running a promotion whereby you earn 50% bonus for your first round trip in first or business class between London and Hong Kong, but then a 250% mileage bonus. This has been going for a few months already but has remained relatively quiet in the blogging world. The promotion is valid until 31st August 2013.

I flew Cathay's new long haul business class last November and can definitely recommend the experience.

Cathay Pacific's new Business Class

There's also a 1000 mile bonus for joining Asia Miles, and another bonus for booking online* through their website — 3000 miles for first class and 2000 miles for business class.

Very handily they do the maths of the promotion for you:

From Cathay Pacific's promotion page. All 2nd and subsequent flights earn the same mileage as the “2nd flight” column

Here are the Terms and Conditions of the promotion (bolding my own, and my comments in square brackets):

  1. This offer is only applicable to members residing in the UK and Ireland. Residency is determined by the registered member's preferred mailing address. [for example if you live outside the UK&I but work for a multi-national company who have offices there, then just change your address in your Asia Miles account until you've received your points]
  2. This offer is only applicable to travel in fare classes F, A (First Class), J, C, D and I (Business Class). Subclasses not listed are not eligible for this offer.
  3. This offer is only applicable to round-trip flights marketed and operated by Cathay Pacific, originating in London and travelling to Hong Kong.
  4. Travel must commence and be completed between 1 January and 31 August 2013, inclusive.
  5. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer, discount or promotion.
  6. The 1,000 Asia Miles Joining Bonus for new members can only be earned once during the promotion period.
  7. The Online Booking Bonus (3,000 Asia Miles for First Class and 2,000 Asia Miles for Business Class) can only be earned once during the promotion period.
  8. Bonus Asia Miles will be credited to member's Asia Miles account 6 to 8 weeks after the end of the promotion period.
  9. Cathay Pacific reserves the right to suspend, amend or modify any of these terms and conditions at any time at its sole discretion and without prior notice or liability.
  10. Other Asia Miles terms and conditions apply.
Interestingly enough there isn't a registration link for the promotion, so I must presume it's open to all Asia Miles members if crediting to them. If you normally do this and wondered why you got extra mileage, this could be the reason!
This promotion actually represents an excellent way to get enough points for a redemption ticket quickly. Taking a look at Cathay Pacific's award chart, I've highlighted the ones I think worth considering, given the speed of mileage accrual. Firstly the single carrier chart (which also Cathay Pacific plus 1 other Oneworld carrier):
And the Oneworld multi-carrier chart:
If you decide to book one of these flights, then don't forget you can receive a 1.30% rebate if you use Quidco** or 1.31% using TopCashBack***, which on a revenue business class fare can amount to something like ?50. Alternatively if you can spare the cash, please do consider using my affiliate link* to book your flight. I really appreciate your support and consideration.
* This is my Cathay Pacific affiliate link. I receive a 1.3% commission on the final sale price (how many other bloggers tell you how much their links give you?!), and I'd be extremely grateful for your support. 
** This is my Quidco affiliate link. I receive ?0.50 per new member that signs up.
*** This is my TopCashBack affiliate link. I receive ?10 per new member when they reach a ?10 threshold in their own cashback too. This is obviously the ideal compromise if you prefer not to use my Cathay Pacific affiliate link.




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