Don’t forget KLM’s new baggage fees, and how to avoid them.

This is a last chance notice for those who are going to fly KLM on intra-Europe journeys. After this weekend, starting Monday 22nd April 2013, [Edit: Reader Mike has identified that it now been postponed until 14th May 2013.] KLM will introduce a new checked baggage fee.

I posted a quick tip just a few days later, stating that all Flying Blue members will avoid this charge, even at their lowest Ivory level. So sign up now if you haven't already just in case you find yourself flying on KLM in the future.

Don't forget you can sign up for the Flying Blue Petroleum if you work in the Oil and Gas industry. It doesn't matter if you are a services or operator employee, just as long as your company is registered in their database then you'll be granted membership. Petroleum members will also be granted free checked baggage too. You'll also be given lounge access at AMS too.

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  1. Thanks for the tip on Flying Blue Petroleum. Didn’t know that exist. I am working in the oil and gas, and going to be transfered to Paris. Perfect timing.

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