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Aeromexico Status match

AeroMexico's status match campaign has sprung up and I thought it was worth spreading the information. There appears to be only sparse information over at Status Matcher, and what is there seems old. For the novices I wrote a post last year to introduce status matches here.

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As per usual status match requirements you will need to take a screenshot of your current frequent flyer programme plus your card. In addition AeroMexico want to see a scan of your passport or other government-issued travel ID so they can compare your personal details.

If status is granted you will get your new status for a trial period of 6 months, during which time you need to earn at least 40% of the qualifying miles (“Premier Points”) to retain the status. For Club Premier Gold this is 20000 Premier Points (usually 50000), and for Club Premier Platinum this is 32000 Premier Points (usually 80000).

Normally airlines do not match against other airlines within the same alliance, but on this occasion going by their “equivalence table” (see below) AeroMexico are accepting evidence from a whole host of other Skyteam partners.

AeroMexico Equivalent status table

As you can see in cases such as American Airlines Platinum members (Oneworld Sapphire) they are giving Club Premier Platinum (Skyteam Elite Plus) but only Club Premier , but in others like Air France/KLM where Gold is deemed to be Skyteam Elite Plus (outside North America) then this will only give you Club Premier Gold in this instance.

To participate in the status match, you should visit AeroMexico's official page here.

As a side note, if you are doing this in the interest of gaining lounge access, bear in mind that you only get it for Skyteam Elite Plus (not Skyteam Elite) and under Skyteam rules lounge access is permitted only when you have an itinerary with an international component with the exception of Caribbean islands. So Los Angeles – Atlanta – Amsterdam would give you access at Los Angeles and Atlanta, but Los Angeles – Atlanta – Kingston (Jamaica) would not give you lounge access. (Thanks to Robert for helping to clarify this point)


  1. Elite Plus allows multiple domestic entry to SkyClubs in USA as long as final destination is international except Caribbean. Example above would allow access to Skyteam lounge in LAX and ATL prior to AMS for Skyteam Elite Plus customer itinerary. Experience this many times in past such as ATL-DTW-NRT-S.E. Asia. Elite Plus Entry allowed in ATL, DTW and NRT on Skyteam itinerary. From Delta below:

    SkyTeam Elite Plus (Delta Diamond, Platinum, or Gold Medallion Members)

    SkyTeam Elite Plus® (including Delta Diamond, Platinum or Gold Medallion® Members) traveling in any cabin on a SkyTeam international flight* or a SkyTeam domestic flight connecting to/from a same-day international flight (includes same-day travel on a Delta domestic flight connecting to an international Delta—or any other SkyTeam partner—flight). If traveling on an international itinerary, please show a frequent flyer credential for lounge access.

    Note: SkyTeam Elite Plus benefits are provided only at the departure airport and not at the arrival airport unless connecting to a qualifying SkyTeam flight. …*International Travel includes: Customers traveling to/from Europe, Asia, South America, Central America, Africa, Canada and Mexico (excludes travel to/from the Caribbean,…

  2. Thank you informing this Status Match regardless of the following. Now thought to share from SkyTeam website the following about lounge access because this is more accurate:

    SkyTeam Elite Plus

    Regardless of their travel class, SkyTeam Elite Plus members traveling on, or connecting to/from, a same-day international flight operated by a SkyTeam member airline have access to a lounge. Lounge access will be provided only at your departure airport and transfer airports, and not on arrival. For connecting customers, both the domestic and international flights must be operated by a SkyTeam member airline. Simply present your boarding passes and a valid Elite Plus membership card for the lounge agent to validate for admission.

    Looking forward to similar Status Match info.

  3. Were you guys able to get the match? Haven’t heard from them, emailed they’ve referred to bunch of different emails and eventually said that

    (helpdeskeuropa@clubpremier.com )
    We inform you that the Elite Match Program is only valid for accounts affiliated to the Corporate Club Premier Program.

    The Elite Match Program is no longer valid for personal Club Premier Accounts. We invite you to consider one of the alternatives we have previously provided.

    We remain at your service.
    Best regards.

    We inform you that due to new regulations on the leveling process for Elite Match it is no longer available for Personal Club Premier Accounts.

    We invite you to obtain the Gold Level by accumulating 50,000 Premier Points on a period of 12 months, or Platinum Level by accumulating 80,000 Premier Points on the same time period.

    According to the above, the Premier Points that are valid are the ones that you earn with Aeromexico and SkyTeam flights, not including the points earned by Affiliated Airlines, transferred points or purchased points, among others.

    We remain at your service.
    Best regards.

    Claudia Contreras
    Analista Club Premier
    Club Premier Analyst

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