Book NOW: Ultra cheap BA tier points on Malaysia Airlines. £0.69/TP!

In term of insanely cheap BA Tier Points routes, there aren't many better than this, but you must book TODAY!


Malaysia Airlines have a special promotion for business class tickets which finishes today (24th May 2016) presumably at midnight Malaysian time (GMT+8). So to be sure of getting in on the action, you will need to book by:

  • 12pm if you are in East Coast USA
  • 5pm if you are in UK, Ireland or Portugal,
  • 6pm if you are in Spain, France, Italy or anywhere else in Central European Time.

The departure period is up to 30th June with a minimum stay of 2 days and maximum of 1 month. 

Rather annoyingly the price doesn't show up on Google Flights or Matrix automatically, so you have to use the Malaysia Airlines website to search and book.

The cheapest I saw was this Phuket to Beijing routing, which gives 360TP at a tidy price of 12265THB (£249). That makes an insanely cheap £0.69 per Tier Point – the kind of price where I would advise you to book first then call your significant other to check it's OK to travel!

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 22.53.17

If Beijing is not to your liking, I found the same price for Phuket-Shanghai. A word of warning though, if you are flying to China, make sure you have the correct kind of visa which may add a bit of cost to your journey. If you can find a cheap ticket to a 3rd country then you can use the free 72 hour transit visa if your citizenship qualifies.

There is also this Bangkok-Seoul route which comes to £331, and thus £0.91/TP. This is still under the magical £1/TP and makes a brilliant bargain for Tier Point running. The advantage here is that getting to Bangkok will be much easier and cheaper from abroad than the Phuket example above. Though this price is higher by £80, the time and convenience factor should surely outweigh this.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 23.25.11

Due to the minimum stay requirements these routes can't be seen to be pure Tier Point run material as you will need to factor in the cost of accommodation, food and time. However, I'm sure there are bargains aplenty in East Asia.

Before completing your purchase, make sure you use GCMap to check the distance of your routing. Remember that sectors above 2000 miles will get 140TPs while those under 2000 miles will get 40TP in business class.

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