Air France (Joon) to introduce daily flights between Paris and Porto – effective 31st March

Porto has seen a dramatic increase in tourism from the Northern European countries over the last decade and so the airlines are rightly wishing to profit from this influx. And with pretty sunsets like this, who can complain?

My favourite view point in Porto. Most photos are from the north side of Ribeira on the opposite side of this picture


A couple of years ago Air France launched their 3x-weekly flights between Paris (CDG) and Porto. As of 31st March 2019 this will be increased to 7x-weekly, or precisely one per day. Flights will be operated by their subsidiary Joon which is currently undergoing integration back into the parent company. This already reflects in their booking engine.

This Paris — Porto expansion boosts the total flights between these two countries as they already 4 daily flights between Lisbon — Paris, though this route is dominated by business travellers. This will make open jaw journeys for holiday makers much more appealing as Porto and Lisbon are separated by a 3 hour train or road journey.

During the summer holiday period, from 15th July – 1st September 2019, you can expect up to 7 flights between Paris and Portugal to both major cities to support the tourism demand.

Don't forget if you are visiting Portugal and for any reason come up against an establishment that tries to stick you up, anyone can use the Complaints Book even if you are a non-resident. Also don't forget some laws you probably weren't aware which apply to you if you are an EU citizen.

And if you need any further inspiration to come to Porto, check out this drone footage a friend and I made.


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  1. I’m at my computer literally looking for tickets between Porto and Paris for the summer and I feel like this post was written for me. Thanks for the heads up!

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