ENDS TODAY – 50% off £100/€100 Amazon order through Amazon Business

This is your final call to register for Amazon Business to get a £50/€50 voucher to use against your first order. I wrote about it in my main article here, but to save time, the sign-up links for each locale are  UKGermanyFranceItalySpain. You should choose the one that is closest to you, though there is nothing to stop you using any of them. As I also discussed in my article about Estonian e-Residency, you can buy your goods at 0% VAT if you apply the EU Reverse Charge Mechanism.

You do not need a VAT number to use it, but they will verify you have a legitimate business, whether you act as a company or as an individual. Feedback I have received over the last month of this promotion are that they typically verify your business within 1 working day and the voucher arrives the day after.

You must consent to marketing emails until you receive your promotional code, after which you can revoke your consent if you wish.

You will only be able to sign up for one business per account as Amazon's back end system recognises your email if you use any other site to log in.



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