AMAZING DEAL: €1320 Milan to Santiago (Chile) via Madrid, Iberia business class, 400TP round trip.

A quick but fantastic deal is on the horizon. Milan to Santiago de Chile via Madrid in Iberia for around €1320 depending on the dates.

The travel dates are quite restrictive, you must complete outbound AND inbound before the end of August, but for this pricing and the distance covered this has to be one of the better value deals currently out there.

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The flight is operated by Iberia in their A340 aircrafts for the Madrid to Santiago sector. I reviewed the seat here (albeit on a much shorter route) and the picture below shows the seat for your reference.

Iberia A340 Business Class

And you will get to use the rather swish Iberia Velazquez lounge in Madrid, which I also reviewed here.

There is no restriction on minimum stay either, so if you are sufficiently nutty you can go there and back on the same day, as the image below shows.

The standard routing of Milan-Madrid-Santiago and back yields 400TP due to the extra long Madrid-Santiago leg. There is also a routing which goes through Madrid AND Rio de Janeiro although you would only gain a maximum of 40TP extra and probably not worth the added time. (+80TP for the extra business class leg, -40TP because Madrid – Rio is under 6000 miles so standard 140TP/sector).

You must book by 1st August 2019  and travel by 31st August 2019 – note this also includes the return leg. Book over on Iberia's website. You can also see how many Avios you will get by using the Avios Calculator.

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