Heathrow Airport 2019 strike dates – are you affected?

Heathrow Airport Unite union workers announced their latest strike dates couple of days ago resulting from a lack of agreement over wage negotiations of 2.7% increase over 18 months.

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The 4000+ members of Unite, who work as security guards, technicians and engineers and other passenger service handling are set to walk out on the following days:

  • Friday 26th July,
  • Saturday 27th July,
  • Monday 5th August,
  • Tuesday 6th August,
  • Friday 23rd August,
  • Saturday 24th August.

These dates are quite obviously timed for maximum disruption given the weekend dates, in particular the August Bank Holiday weekend in England.

This could be further compounded by approximately 500 out of 4500 BA pilots who are members of the British Airways Pilots' Association (Balpa) also threatening to strike. Their ballot is due to end on 22nd July with an earliest possible strike date of 5th August which coincides with one of the Unite date above. The confirmed dates are pending the result of the ballot.

It is unclear which specific flights are affected although British Airways has an A350-1000 due for delivery on 26th July (I am scheduled to attend) and its inaugural flight for 5th August (someone from PTBM will also attend, though I personally will not be there) so given the amount of media attendees I am sure BA will do everything within its powers to make sure these take place.


  1. I am scheduled on a BA flight BA2630 on Monday 5 th August at 6.30 am from Gatwick to Alicante .

    Will my sons and my flight be affected ?

    1. Currently we don’t know how the strike ballot for Balpa will result. Best to keep an eye after 22nd July for their strike dates.

    2. Hi, we are flying back from
      Nashville 8.20pm (3.20am GMT) and scheduled to arrive 10.25 GMT at T5 Heathrow …you think the airport will be open again then?

      Also can I request legally a flight day change to leave 1 or 2 days later ?

      1. Sorry leave sat night 27th Nashville time

        Thanks for your replies on behalf of all on clearly a nightmare time !

  2. I have been told by a senior member of airline staff that the strike from LHR is going to be extended to include the Wednesday the 24th and 25 July.
    Do you have any update on this information. Many thanks

    1. There isn’t enough information to be able to say right now, sorry! And for 26th July it would be under the effects of Heathrow rather than BA.

  3. Our BA tickets is as following:

    Tue, Aug 06,2019 . BHD – 06:35am to LHR – 08:05am
    Tue, Aug 06, 2019 LHR – 09:50am to DUB – 11:20am
    Tue, Aug 06, 2019 . DUB – 01:35pm to ORD – 03:40pm
    I have two questions:
    1. Will the international airplane on Aug 6 will be affected?
    2. Since the LHR might have a strike, can we take a bus from Belfast all the way to DUB and take the airplane from DUB to ORD?

    1. 1. Don’t know, 2) You would need to contact the airline if you intend to do this because they will automatically cancel your ticket if you don’t show up to any part of it

  4. I am arriving LHR on 6th Aug at 6.30 PM terminal 2 from BKK.
    Will I be able to reclaim my baggage and get shuttle to car park

      1. I’ve rung air lingus and they seem to think that there flights are running ok. And next they say they can’t confirm it. Can someone give me a straight answer.

  5. Good morning. I have two sons travelling to Lisbon on a TAP flight on the 27th. Is it likely their flight will be affected?

  6. Hello
    My daughter and son in law are due to arrive at LHR from Monterrey Mexico on Saturday 27th july. Will their flight be affected?

      1. But how will I be affected ie. Will my flight be delayed or cancelled I’m panicking here can you give me any can of answer

  7. Hi. My wife is due to fly with SAS from LHR to Oslo at 5pm on July 26th. She is back at work the following Monday. What are the chances of SAS being effected by the strikes, and will airlines offer accomodation in case of overnight delays?

    1. Can’t really say if a specific airline will be affected as it is airport staff striking, not airline staff. No accommodation due from airlines in case of overnight delays.

  8. Will my emirates flight on 26 th July out of Heathrow be affected.
    Is there anyway we can find out before the actual day

  9. We’re inbound on the 26th. Any sense for whether Baggage would be impacted? I’d assume customs is public safety rather than airport operations.

  10. Hi I’m due to transit through Heathrow on the 23rd August on TU790 Terminal 1 and then BA1404 from Terminal 5! Will I be affected?

  11. I am due to fly to Johannesburg from Heathrow on Friday 23rd August – will this flight be affected by the strike and if so, what should/can I do?

  12. Hi we are traveling down to London on the 4th August as we are due to fly with BA to Dubai in the afternoon will our flight be affected please

  13. Hi we are travelling down to London staying in Hilton before flying on the 5th August from Heathrow travelling to Dubai will our flight be affected please

    1. It could be. Subject to confirmation by Unite (the workers’ union) around Zulu 16:30 hours Friday 2nd July, the airport-wide staff strikes for 5th and 6th August are planned to go ahead. However, Heathrow are making contingency plans to minimise the effects of the strikes, if they do happen.

    1. If the strikes go ahead (and this is still not 100% certain) and his flight is cancelled or affected, he may be able to. You will have to check with the airline.

  14. My BA flight is scheduled to arrive Heathrow Terminal 5 on August 7 at 5:30 in the morning. Will I be affected?
    Will workers at the airport still be on strike at that time?

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