Earn 12 Starwood points for less than 1 minute of work

Admittedly this isn't life changing, but free points are free points.



Audience Rewards are giving away 2 Starwood points per correct question. Here's the crib sheet

  1. The original first act of The Phantom of the Opera was at Andrew Lloyed Weber's home? True
  2. What is the last song of Act 1 in Jersey Boys? Walk Like A Man
  3. The Wicked backstage tour was formed by a man who played what role? The Witch's Father
  4. How many dogs are in the cast of the current Broadway Annie revival? 3
  5. Who directed Once on Broadway? John Tiffany
  6. The song “Rock Of Ages” is not featured in the musical of the same name? True


I hope this gets you tiny bit closer to the reward night of your dreams!

(H/T Mile Nerd)


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