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Make £50 pure cash profit from LV = Life Insurance and Top CashBack

Here's an unusual one…making a pure cash profit from a single purchase transaction.

LV insurance

LV = Life Insurance cover can be bought for a premium of £5 per month, and tracking from Top CashBack (TCB) you can get an £80.80 cashback on valid purchases.

To receive the money you need to pay 6 months premium (=£30) , so your total profit is £80.80 – £30 = £50.80. After 6 months just call up to cancel your insurance.

If you haven't already got a TCB membership use this link here, please!  TCB offers me a £10 referral bonus if you earn over £10 in cashback (which this does!) and the link contains my unique referral code. You will not get a better deal by signing up directly with TCB, and in no way harms your £50 cashback! I am really grateful for any supporters of this blog who do use this link — thank you!

Unfortunately you can't get Tesco points from this transaction because it is larger than £50, but cash will do nicely I think.

The deal expires in 2 days (4th August 2013) so you need to get in on this one quick!



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  1. Hi, this offer still working as of 08 Aug. It says the offer is valid for another 3 days, so must be a rolling offer.

    Also, cashback has increased slightly to £84!

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