Earn 400 Avios sign up bonus when you use Cabify (an Uber alternative) in selected countries

If you are passing through any of Portugal, Spain, Chile, Mexico or Brazil and need to take a private taxi then consider using Cabify. You can download their app for Android or iOS.

I have personally never used Cabify although as I am currently in Portugal I certainly will do to activate this promotion.

On offer is 400 Avios when you complete your first journey with them. This is an ideal situation for those who happen to be in the correct countries (could even be for a quick stop) and need to earn at least one Avios point in their Iberia account in order to be eligible for future promotions. You can sign up for a BAEC or Iberia Plus accounts by clicking on the links.

When you sign up, if you could use my referral code TIML45 in the “Promotions” tab you will get €5 towards your first ride and I will also get a small bonus – thanks!

Please note, DO NOT credit to Vueling as you will not earn your 400 Avios!

According to their company strategy they market themselves as different to Uber by not having such volatile, ‘dynamic' pricing while also charging you the distance based on the optimum route between start and destination, whatever the driver ends up doing. If you have ever used them and are satisfied or indeed dissatisfied please leave a comment below to let us all know!

In Spain you get 1 Avios point for every kilometre you ride with Cabify, and for the rest of the world it is 1 Avios per 2km.

Additionally if you then use the code VOLARE3 then you might be able to get €2 off your first three journeys. I don't know what the eligibility criteria is but just put it in and hope for the best.

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  1. Hi

    Thanks i’ve added my BAEC number however the discount code wasn’t accepted it said “code is not for my country & won’t be accepted”


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