a bathroom with sinks and mirrors

Finnair opens its new Business Class (non-Schengen) lounge

Finnair's lounges have been undergoing some heavy renovation recently, culminating in their new Platinum Wing Lounge which was opened in June this year, which OneWorld Emerald users can use.

To add to that the new flagship business class lounge has finally been opened.

Entrance eligibility and operating hours

The lounge, located near Gate 50, is open daily from 5:30am until midnight, and the following customers are able to use it:

  • all Finnair Business Class customers,
  • Finnair Plus Gold
  • oneworld Sapphire members when the departure flight leaves from the non-Shengen area and is operated and marketed by a oneworld airline.
  • All other customers can purchase lounge access for off-peak hours either in advance or at the lounge reception.

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Its layout

Like many many of its modern counterparts, this lounge is divided into distinct zones, or “pockets, as Finnair calls them. The lounge is designed to become “quieter and more private” the deeper you go, starting off with a more open ‘banquet style' seating for groups leading towards silent solo seating.

Like getting lost inside a Finnish forest then.

There is a new family “pocket” with games and activities is available for those travelling with children, (hopefully near the entrance) and  power outlets at almost every seated position.

For those who need to work, soundproof phone booths and printers are available for use and for those who need a quick freshening up, there are 5 shower suites with a touchscreen reservation system.

a room with chairs and tables

Going by the press images (which I cannot tell whether they are CGI or actual photos!) the interior decor has a nice vernacular, Nordic minimalism. Its expressive use of timber contrasted against the stainless steel and granite from the bar and upholstered seating bring a nice warmth.


Regarding the catering, Finnair provides this statement:

Guests can taste the Nordics with a menu that features the best local produce in season. The lounge is operated in partnership with Finnish food provider Fazer, who will be preparing food in a new open kitchen concept which is coupled with a dedicated dining area.The rotating menu consists of a choice of three main courses with meat, fish and vegetarian options, six salads and a wide selection of desserts.

A new full-service bar will operate at peak times offering an enhanced range of beverages including premium alcohol and specialty coffees. Several drinks stations are dotted throughout the lounge, alongside a “quick coffee” area at the front of the lounge for those who are in a hurry.

(And as a random statistic, Finland has the world's highest coffee consumption per capita by quite some margin. So I expect coffee supplies to be near limitless)

a bathroom with sinks and mirrors

a room with tables and chairs

Bottom Line

Now that the renovation works for the business class lounge are done, it will serve as a great stop for those passing through Helsinki. This will be particularly true for British Airways Executive Club members who prefer to get those extra Tier Points due to Helsinki's higher earning rates.

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