Quicktip: Flying Blue April Promo Awards now out

This month's list of Flying Blue Promo Awards destinations is out. Since I am not a particularly avid Flying Blue collector it's been a while since I took a good look at these promotions. The full list is available here.


The majority of the 50% discounts this time round are for flights between Europe the Middle East, where no doubt it will be pretty hot during the summer. There is also a 50% route to N'Djamena in Chad. All other flights are priced at 25% discount apart from intra-Europe flights which are 20% or 40% discount.


Screenshot from 2016-04-06 20:11:05

With the region of “Europe” being not being particularly well-defined by Flying Blue, it's up to you to play around with potential routes. At 10,000 Flying Blue miles required one-way, including a transfer in Paris or Amsterdam, you can create some interesting open-jaw routes if you find the availability.

At these sort of prices I could be tempted to visit places not on my bucket list.


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