Going nomadic!

I just waved an overdue goodbye to The Netherlands a couple of weeks ago. The last 3 years since I moved there took the buzz out of my life and I really had to get out.


Working for a gigantic, multinational company turned out not to be to my taste, in particular the painful bureaucracy and office politics. Given the company the middle finger and taking a leap of faith into online self-employment, I am in the (rather lucky) position of having the freedom to pick where I want to live, or even not anchoring myself at all!

Reflecting on the fortunes of living in the modern day world, the low oil prices of today plus the hyper-connectivity of the internet means that I am part of the first generation in the history of mankind where it is possible to travel and work in a financially sustainable manner – in other words, be a digital nomad. Being under 30 years old also means that now is the time to take ‘risks'  in terms of career and there is still time to get back on the ‘right path'. If I were just 10 years older I may have been a bit more settled in my career and all this would have been much more difficult. That's not to say it's not possible at 40 years old, but the risk appetite and stamina requirements may have dissuaded me.

What does this mean in terms of collecting air miles and travel? Well on the negative side, the standard credit card churning or bulk-buying from shopping outlets is going to get a lot harder with no fixed salary nor residence. The positive is I will hopefully get to do more hardcore butt-in-seat flying than I ever dreamed of and see much more of this small world than a few weeks of annual leave per year would have given me.

I couldn't be happier!


What comments or advice would you give a millennial in a situation like mine?

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Tim is an engineer and a nerd who analyses every travel deal, travel hack. He has travelled to around 90 countries and also speaks Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin.

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  1. Congratulations on making the change! I plan to make my leap in August after 16 years. In one’s forties, I am not certain it is a good idea, but my dad’s 99 year old cousin called it wise. Keep your readers updated on how life is now that your time is your own.

    • Thanks Sara J! It’s a good life so far but this site needs to grow many times bigger to get to the likes of Ben Schlappig!

  2. All the best to you. Looking forward to hearing how it works out. If I had discovered this lifestyle before settling down I would have done the same!

  3. If you worked in Holland for a multinational, you probably had 5 weeks vacation. When combined with local legal holidays it probably totaled nearly 7 weeks.
    This does not equate to “a few weeks of annual leave”.
    Some of us had to work for 15-20 years before receiving what you probably had in year 1.
    Acknowledge that and then move on to whatever you choose to do next.
    Best of luck.

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