Global Entry Interview slots available in Amsterdam, June 2014

Global Entry is perhaps the single best thing a frequent flyer travelling to/from USA can buy for themselves. Simply being on the “Trusted Traveller” list makes the CBP immigrations interview far more pleasant. Back in autumn last year, the list of eligible nationalities included Korean, Qatari, German, Dutch and British citizens. Unfortunately though UK citizens are no longer eligible to apply (unless holding permanent residence in the US).


With thanks to Flyertalker Happyintheair who alerted me, it seems there are interview spaces at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol on 2nd-6th June 2014 inclusive. It's a perfect opportunity for European-based folks to get their interviews done in a more convenient location.

Here is the official press release by the American Chamber of Commerce. One thing to notice is that the bulletin says it's only open to US and Dutch citizens which I don't think is true. In mine and other people's experience, anyone can go along, as long as you have a confirmed appointment. This was certainly true for their previous trade mission last September. Maybe a German, Korean or Qatari can help me confirm for this round of interviews.

The bulletin also says you “must apply before 1st May 2014”, implying you don't have long to decide. However, and don't hold me to it, my guess is that so long as you receive your conditional approval before June, then you should be able to apply. When I was booking my own interview, I was able to select any available appointment at any enrollment centre worldwide at any point in the future, including those within 24 hours time. Of course, the tricky part is to know how long it takes to get conditional approval! (Mine took 6 weeks at a UK citizen, but that's a moot point now.)

The benefits of simply being on Obama's good list was evident to me. I noticed during the 2 visits to USA in between my conditional and final approval (as I haven't yet used the kiosks), the CBP agents at immigrations didn't ask me any questions on arrival, not even “how long are you staying”. They just stamped my passport and waved me through. The difference was clear when my partner, who was travelling with me on an identical itinerary back from Guatemala and with a very similar travel history from the last 5 years, was questioned for at least 5-7 mins by the agent.

Global Entry members are also eligble for TSA's Pre-check scheme.

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    • They also hold similar campaigns in Korea, and have a permanent enrollment centre in Qatar. Fingers crossed for Ireland or UK too.

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