A couple of hotel promotions which I had neglected…

I haven't written about either of the two big brand hotel promotions launched earlier this week in part because the entire miles and points community were writing the same thing, and I wanted to see if there were any other interesting features of the promotions.

Unfortunately they're pretty bland as promos go. Given the amount of hotels opting out too, you might be forgiven for not even bothering with this quarter's offerings.


Hilton HHonors – Earn twice the rewards

Read here for my beginners' guide to Hilton Hhonors

For stays between between 1st May – 31st July 2014 you can earn double points (actually a bonus equal to the number of base points) or double miles. Here is the link to register, which you will need to do before your first check-out during the dates above.

Be careful because you need to set your Double Dip earning preferences to be either points or miles to match your selection.

Here's the list of hotels opting out of the promotion. Thankfully there aren't that many outside USA opting out, but I still find it annoying that several establishments across the same brand still choose so freely.

Starwood Preferred Guest

Read here for my beginners' guide to SPG.

The Q2 promotion for SPG is called “Earn Away“, which runs between 1st May – 31st July 2014. You will earn double SPG points for all stays, except if it includes a Sunday (Saturday for Middle East) which will then earn triple SPG points.

The list of non participating hotels is once again long, but is more evenly spread across the world.

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  1. Great work . But One thing you did not cover

    I notice Hilon honours site actually has a different price per room per day rate charge when you register for double points on your own page when you sign in.

    For example for the best rate possible 7 days in advance is cheapest say $165 . But then further down the page it says 2x hilton points next to the price …and here the price per night rate is higher.$190.

    In other words when you register for 2x points promotion are you paying a bit more for the same room because you are collecting 2x points?
    And once you registered for it (2x points) do they automatically increase the rates on your individual account page when you go to book after registration and therefore the cheaper rates are no longer shown?
    I believe both the above situations are the case .
    This means however if you booked in say january and then complete the stay later in say june the hotel must increase the price you pay on check out because of your 2x bonus points once you completed your stay . I never noticed that ? Unless maybe the booking price is increased when you book unbeknowns to you because the change to the page .

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