Great £1259 Qatar Airways business class fares from Sweden. Good for BA Tier Points

Qatar Airways have got some fantastic business class fares departing from Sweden. You've got until 16th January 2018 to buy them. Here is the link to the Swedish sale page where you can book the fares presented below.

The three stand out fares are Stockholm to Singapore, Stockholm to Bangkok, and Gothenburg to Bangkok. If you are based in London, Gothenburg is only 4500 Avios (peak) or 4000 Avios (off-peak) + £15 redemption each way from Heathrow, with between 1-3 daily flights between the cities.

But if you go via Stockholm on flight QR171 or QR172, you get to fly Qatar Airways' signature business class product, Qsuite. (See picture above, or click the picture to be taken to the official Qsuite page.)

From Stockholm:

Singapore 14308 1,259 1,401 1,608
Bangkok 15682 1,380 1,536 1,763
Penang 17207 1,514 1,685 1,934


From Gothenburg:

Nairobi 17277 1,521 1,693 1,942
Johannesburg 16481 1,450 1,615 1,853
Hong Kong 18097 1,593 1,773 2,034
Singapore 16984 1,495 1,664 1,909
Bangkok 14909 1,312 1,461 1,676


[Edit 13th January 13:00]: Also of note you can use the discount code MECENAT to shave a further 10% off the base fare and get an extra piece of luggage. I have changed all the links in this post to include this offer.


Tier Points

Each of these routes offer 560 Tier Points which is very close to BA Silver which requires 600 Tier Points (and 4 flights on BA or Iberia). At £2.24 it's certainly a great price per Tier Point although not quite pure TP run material. Also see this post which describes some strategies for finding mega TP Run routes.

One thing to note: if you can make it to Penang then you can even participate in some very cheap and fast turnaround Malaysia Airlines Tier Point runs (historically as low was £0.69/TP) between Penang and Kuala Lumpur (Sepang). Here's an old post about finding the TP runs though a lot of information is still correct even now.

Remember to use Qatar Airways' Swedish offers page to find the fares.

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