IHG ‘Accelerate’ Q1 2019 launched. Not too bad for me, how about you?

Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) releases the ‘Accelerate' promotion every quarter, though this year it comes with a little bit of rebranding – “Reward Nights. Faster”. The first quarter for this year is now out and the details are below.

The link to sign up to the promotion is here. Don't forget to encourage all your family members to sign up immediately just in case you forget later down the line.

The bonuses will trigger for stays between 15th January – 30th April 2019 with the latest date for registration being 15th March 2019.

My offer is okay. I may not make a mattress run out of it, but 54000 points maximum without needing to gun for a ‘complete X of the above for extra' challenges is a nice treat if I'm staying somewhere with a cheap Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express within easy reach of each other. (Heathrow Ariel, anyone?)  Complemented with my IHG Rewards Club Premium Credit Card, it does make for decent marginal gains.

  • 10,000 – Stay 5 nights
  • 28,800 – Stay at 3 different IHG brands
  • 8,400 – Stay at 2 Holiday Inn hotel(s)
  • 6,800 – Stay 4 time(s) using your corporate rate.

Those 54000 points would easily get me close a Holiday Inn or Crowne Plaza night at a major city, and certainly for a lesser city. You could aim to get around £200 value out of it, so if you do decide to do a mattress run you may very well profit out of it.

Don't forget to use the sign-up link before you stay. Terms and Conditions can be found here, though there is nothing of surprise, just remember you cannot get promotion points retro-actively and you must have signed up for the promotion before you stay.

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