American Express Gold card

8000 free Membership Rewards points for Netherlands residents — American Express Gold

So having lived off a debit card in the Netherlands (shock horror!!) I've finally managed to get an American Express Gold charge card.

You get 8000 Membership Rewards points upon sign-up without spending a single penny. (Yes this is far less than other countries, but at least it's completely free)

Amex Gold


You can apply for a Gold Charge card here. Please note this is my referral link, and earns me a small bonus for bringing new people on. I'm really grateful for anyone who does sign up, and supports this blog.

Do note that you have to have a Dutch bank account to be eligible to apply for this card.

The real deal is that if you applied for one yourself through American express, you would have to pay a €150 annual fee from the start, but using my referral link the first year's fee is waived. You will see your 8 000 Membership Rewards points deposited into your account the moment you receive your card.

It's also notoriously difficult to buy anything online without a credit card, as I found out from living 4 months with only a Dutch bank card, so this makes getting the Gold charge card an absolute no-brainer.

Membership Rewards points can transfer into Avios, Asia Miles and also Flying Blue on a 1:1 ratio.

I can also provide referrals for any other Dutch American Express card. If you're interested in any of the others then please email info [at] and I will send you a referral. The current deal on the Gold card above is the best offer at the time of writing though (2nd August 2013).


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  1. Do you have to have a Dutch bank account AND be living in the Netherlands, or would a Dutch bank account + address elsewhere in the EU be enough?

    1. The T&C only refers to NL bank account, so presumably addresses elsewhere are ok!

      They’d wipe out a lot of their target customers (e.g. Expats) otherwise

      1. Follow-on question – is there a magic button on the site to switch it into English, or does it require both a Dutch bank account AND a working knowledge of the Dutch language?

        1. I haven’t discovered the magic button I’m afraid. I used Google Chrome’s in-built translate function to navigate my way through and got approved.

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