Iberia Avios Reward Chart

Avios is the loyalty programme used by a handful of airlines including British Airways and Iberia. They operate a distance-based award chart, taking the point to point distance between airports. We recommend using GCMap, and as a back up the Iberia Avios Award Calculator.


One of the many complexities of Avios is that the two protagonist airlines, British Airways and Iberia, charge differing amounts of points to book redemption flights. This is before you even factor in their differing off-peak dates.

Aside from Aer Lingus which has its own peak/off-peak calendar, one thing that remains the same is that redemptions on any other airline will always be charged at the peak price.

Important Notes

The pricing chart below is specifically for booking through Iberia.com for Iberia marketed and operated flights. These are the prices per sector, i.e. if you have connecting flights, such as Frankfurt – Madrid – Bogota, then you need to price Frankfurt-Madrid as one flight then Madrid-Bogota as another then add the total miles together.

Iberia do not add fuel surcharge for redemptions on their own websites on Iberia flights. This has the potential for huge savings compared to British Airways! Pay attention to the ‘sweet spot' of Band 5 in the table because this means you can fly between Europe and North America during off peak season for just 34,000 each way plus government taxes, approximately €70-100 depending on which direction you fly.


Other things to note:

  • Iberia does not have First Class, so there is no price for it
  • There is no premium economy for short haul flights, hence blank spaces in Band 1-4.
  • The majority of flights fall into their correct bands as calculated by GCMap, but there are specific exceptions which are listed after the table.

Avios Reward Chart


  • Azul = “Blue” class, discounted economy.
  • Y = Full Fare Economy
  • Y+ = Premium Economy
  • J = Business
Band: (Distance in miles) Azul Azul Y Y Y+ Y+ J J
Off Peak Peak Off Peak Peak Off Peak Peak Off Peak Peak
1: (1 – 650) 4,500 5,000 6,750 7,500 9000 10,000
2: (651 – 1151) 7,500 8,250 11,250 12,500 15,000 16,500
3: (1152 – 2000) 10,000 11,000 15,000 16,500 20,000 22,000
4: (2001-3000) 11,000 12,500 16,000 18,750 21,250 31,250
5: (3001-4000) 17,000 20,000 22,000 28,000 25,500 35,000 34,000 50,000
6: (4001-5500) 21,250 25,000 27,750 35,000 31,750 43,750 42,500 62,500
7: (5501-6500) 25,500 30,000 33,250 42,000 38,250 52,500 51,000 75,000
8: (6501-7000) 29,750 35,000 38,750 49,000 44,250 61,250 59,500 87,500
9: (7001+) 42,500 50,000 55,250 70,000 63,750 87,500 85,000 125,000



Iberia explicitly states that they may price cities into whichever band they want. While it sounds bad they actually made positive modifications for its customers. These routes actually require fewer points than their normal bands would otherwise suggest.

Madrid – London: Iberia only currently fly to Heathrow Airport, so it will be interesting to see if this holds if in future they fly to others. In the meantime there is this specific price for this route:

  • Azul off peak / peak: 6,500 / 7,500
  • Full fare off peak / peak: 9,750 / 11,250
  • Business off peak / peak: 12,750 / 15,000

Iberia fly their long-haul Airbus A340-600 aircraft for cargo purposes between Madrid and London once per day in each direction. This means that you can get to experience their lie flat seats as seen in this video below:

Madrid – Barcelona “The Shuttle”: There are only two prices for this route. 4500 Avios for economy, and 9000 for business. There is no differentiation between Azul nor for peak and off peak.

Madrid – Chicago: This would normally be a Band 6 fare, but instead prices to Band 5.



Iberia has a separate award chart for redemptions on its own planes. Not only is the Avios component cheaper than British Airways, the additional cash you need to pay for ‘taxes' is also lower due to the exclusion of fuel surcharges. With knowledge of the ‘sweet spot' in the chart and the routes they fly, you can significantly leverage the value you receive with the same spend.

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    • Full fare economy allows you to change your flights for free, but Azul requires €25 service fees. 1 item of check in luggage is permitted on both fares.

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