Introducing our collaboration with Pointimize, free Diamond Subscription

I'm pleased to announce a co-branded collaboration* with my friends Keith and Adu at Pointimize, where their team of clever clogs have produced a fascinating website to help you compare the price of hotels and flights against the various award redemption options available. You can even link your Pointimize account with AwardWallet to let it know how many points you have in each programme and based on the results it can recommend the best solution available to you.


Pointimize has in the past it has been reviewed by several other major blogs such as The Points Guy, Million Mile Secrets, InsideFlyer (NL) and Johnny Jet, though today is the launch of PointsFeeds™.

The PointsFeeds™ system you will get to see the available Points to be Made posts relevant to the search results from Pointimize. This should also remind you to sign up for any promotions or keep up to date with any hotel/airline new and reviews as they develop.

They currently support 39 different programmes spread across airlines, hotels and (US-based) credit cards. A full list of the supported programmes is here, and they are adding more over time.

You can link your AwardWallet account to Pointimize too.

One key feature which I do not know of anywhere else is the ability to compare perks of the different hotel booking programmes specific to your booking. Nowadays with many hotels not honouring elite status benefits or points booked outside their own channels, the chart offers a rare opportunity to see whether the third party perks add up sufficiently to outweigh the hotel brand's own offerings.

As an added incentive for readers, Pointimize are granting new registrants of site 180 days of FREE Diamond Status, compared

Over time I expect there will be many more loyalty programmes added in. Having gotten to know the founders of Pointimize over the last few months I can also see their passion in getting this to be a key resource for frequent flyers. They are open to any contact and are very receptive to ideas, so if you want to mention anything to them you should definitely do so.

*For full disclosure, Points to be Made does NOT receive any financial payments in this arrangement with Pointimize.

Have you used Pointimize before? What do you think of it?


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  1. It seems that Pointimize can only add three loyalty programmes from either hotel or airline industry at the time, when syncing with AwardWallet. I have 20+ accounts, so I have to do it manually for most of them…

    • Hi Pawel,

      My name is Adu and I’m the co-founder of Pointimize.

      All the accounts that are on your AwardWallet should be sync to your Pointimize account. However, we found AwardWallet just updated their database last week for Hilton Honors (original: HHonors), World of Hyatt (Hyatt Gold Passport), etc. That’s the reason why you may find several programs missing. We just updated our system to match the programs. So if you sync with AwardWallet again you will find them!

      Please let me know if there’s still a problem!


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