World’s Shortest International Flight Getting Axed

In what I can only describe as “well…duh!”, the world's shortest flight between St. Gallen-Altenrhein, Switzerland and Friedrichshafen, Germany will see its final flight next week on 14th April 2017, according to The Local

The reason is simple – not enough people were using the service. With the flight time of 8 minutes, plus taxiing, plus check-in and arrivals, plus time to get to/from the airport you may as well drive around Lake Constance or even take the ferry across.

Switzerland, Austria and Germany are all in the Schengen Zone so no border checks are required crossing between these countries. If you set on visiting some obscure countries, even Liechtenstein is nearby and also part of the Schengen.

Perhaps there's a market for a hovercraft service here?

Did you ever fly this route, or plan to? Let us know what you thought of it below!

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