OUTSTANDING BA Club World Sales for £1007. TP Runs galore.

British Airways are holding a Black Friday sale in their own league. Club World (business class) to MANY regions across the world for £1007. Here is the page with the advertised deals.

My advice to you is to book now, and then think about it later, because BA has a 24 hour cooling off period for tickets. If you change your mind by tomorrow then you can get a full refund.


BA ran a similar promotion a few years ago where you could by single tickets for £1006 (2 tickets for 2012), and this year the range of destinations is huge.

You have until 4th December 2014 to book your ticket. Travel needs to be between 21st December and 3rd January, and your inbound must be before 11th January.

For flights that go to the USA, The London City to New York A318 hopper flights BA1-4 are excluded so you cannot get 210TP on the Transatlantic portion of the itinerary. Perhaps they learnt their lesson from the 2011 offering 😉

The most outstanding fare, on a Tier Point Run perspective, are the ones that go to Hawaii. I have been able to price out the following itinerary, either side of New Years Day, all for £1005:

London to New York (BA Club World, 140 TP)

New York to Phoenix (US Domestic First, 210 TP)

Phoenix to Honolulu (US Domestic First, 210 TP)

Honolulu to Los Angeles (AA Domestic First, 210 TP)

Los Angeles to Washington DC (AA Domestic First 210 TP)

Washington DC to London (BA Club World, (BA Club world, 140 TP).



This give an incredible TP earning rate of £0.897/TP. Admittedly this fare is a bit tricky to find online, so you will need to go via a respectable travel agent to be able to piece this one together.

There are probably more optimised routes, but given how quickly the TP runners and other holiday enthusiasts get hold of these fares, it's probably more important to get something booked, rather than spend time squeezing an extra few TP out of it.

If you don't want to go to Hawaii, but fancy the West cost of USA, you can still hit 780TP easily, which gives £1.291/TP against the headline £1007 fare.

Don't forget to check my guide to using ITA Matrix for help with constructing your ticket. I have already tried looking for ex-EU fares, but this sale appears to only apply to ex-LON fares. Book now!




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  1. Hi Tim,
    Thanks for sharing! Are these first class legs real first class flights? Appearantly at least they count like that! 🙂

    • Hi Theo,

      Unfortunately domestic first class flights are on a much lower level than international first class. I won’t be expecting fanfares and fireworks on my arrival to the aircraft!

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