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Quicktip: Lufthansa starts offering TSA Pre-Check

I am fond of Pre-Check, having once saved my backside at Austin when I had all of 3 minutes to get from kerbside to my gate!



In recent times I have not required it so much, but it does allow me to zip through security and leave my laptop and fluids in my bag, and keep my hoodie and shoes on. It's a whole lot better than the likes of Heathrow, who scold you even for the tiniest of infringements.

While it may add a few extra passengers to the security line, Lufthansa has beaten the likes of British Airways and Air FranceKLM to become the first major European carrier to offer Pre-Check on its flights. The Official TSA list has been updated to reflect the changes.

I can only see it as an improvement to the whole travel experience, even if you are paying for it through their 5-year membership or through Global Entry.

(H/T One mile at a time)

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