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Negotiating with AMEX Netherlands on annual fees

It's that time of year when the €150 annual fee is added onto my Dutch American Express Gold Card. But while other countries are going nuts over 100 000 point sign up offers, I'm still crunching numbers to figure things out for my situation.

American Express Gold


Like the Green card, it's actually OK as a new entrant. In The Netherlands it's pretty acceptable if you live in the four big cities like Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht, but outside using it is a bit tricker, though in recent times Jumbo Supermarkets have been accepting them. Both cards offer the first year free.

But times must be tough over at AMEX, considering I've pushed lot more spending on it in recent times , and that they're still dropping the retention offer. Or they just dislike me. Both options are equally viable.

For the last two years at renewal I have accepted 20 000 Membership Rewards points plus double earning rates of 2 points per €1. It is not fantastic, but it's a lot better than nothing, given how tight the Dutch offerings are are.

Having just gotten off the phone to them, this year they offered either a €50 rebate on the €150 membership fee, or 10 000 points, both options including double earning rate. She refused to budge when I politely challenged it so said I'll consider it and call back (which is the British way of saying “f*** off”, but the agent might not get it)

So…what to do? I'm going to try a few more times at the “hang up and call again” game, but there's only so much you can do, especially when they keep a record of what they offer!


  1. I thought you had left NL.
    Same situation as you are on Amex Gold, let me know how it goes for you. Might cancel it altogether, since I no longer reside here.

  2. Hi Tim,

    Do you know what are the rules for churning AMEX flying blue gold card? Also, do you get any extra FB miles if you get referred?

    1. Hi AS, sorry this comment is coming back a bit late – I don’t know of the hard rules of AMEX NL, but they seem to make any card application a bit of a pain. They made me email in 3 months of payslips, so do be weary of that. I would guess if you have closed your account for 12 months then you should be fine to go, but 6 months may be a bit iffy.

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