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Temporary Global Entry enrolment centre to open in London

I have had Global Entry for the last 3 years and it has really transformed my travels to the US.

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Since Global Entry was permanently announced for UK citizens, the final (minor) annoyance was that you still needed to complete the application centre at one of the enrolment centres, mostly based in the US.

Well for 60 days from 26th September 2016 (which by my calculation comes to 25th November 2016), there will be a temporary enrolment centre at the US Embassy in London from Mondays to Wednesdays from 8am to 4.30pm. You will need to apply through the usual online methods, but when selecting your interview appointment, you should be able to find London during the above dates.

I can wholeheartedly recommend getting Global Entry. At $100 for  paid to the US, plus the £42 processing fee paid to the UK, it gives 5 years of (relatively) hassle-free entry to the US, and it also comes with pre-check for speedier security checks when travelling within or exiting the US.


  1. You’ll find that all the appointments in London have been reserved. I applied when the news first broke a few weeks ago, and have an appointment interview in early October.
    Early last week, I was looking to change it, and the web-site responds “Appointments are fully booked. Currently there are no available appointments at this enrollment center. Please check later for openings or choose another enrollment center.” Still is the case today.
    So the options for new UK applicants are now:
    – Check for a cancellation
    – Arrange an appointment in the US on a future trip (but you have to plan far in advance for some locations – February 2017 for LAX for example, MIA has September dates)
    – Hope that the dates are extended in London due to demand

    1. Thanks Michael – that’s too bad for new registrants! I imagine they will either extend or come back again, like they did in Korea and Netherlands a few times.

      It certainly does show how popular and useful Global Entry is though!

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